Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stick With What You Love

8 Ways to Inspire Others:
Stick With What You Love
Think Big and Noble
Be Expressive
Practice What You Preach
Keep an Open Door
Offer a Guiding Hand
Be Consistent
Stay Positive
By Marc and Angel Hack Life
Merci Luis

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Max said...

Thanks for this interesting post. I've been working for the last four years to help start a media company called GOOD. We started with a magazine, and increasingly we're doing more through online and video and custom projects. I think being and staying inspired in work is such an important part of life. Our creative director, Casey, sent me this link, as I've been discussing this topic with him lately. I went to a Sister Corita art show recently and that was inspiring. She did a print which talked about how people come alive in working for the common good. I think your points about generosity and practicing what you preach and being positive are important. But I think sticking with what you love and being consistent are especially important. Ultimately, I think when you combine your list of 8 things with amazing results, and the person is able to stay genuinely humble -- that indeed is inspiring. And inspiration of that sort is contagious. Cheers.