Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're sorry!

I kept quiet about the political noise in Holland because I just didn't know what to say about it. About some crazy guy called Wilders, about the hysteric reaction of other politicians etc etc... But now Mediamatic foreman Willem Veldhoven came with this great idea 'We're Sorry'

We all make our own “Fitna” movies. As many as possible. Why? Well we can't stop Wilders. He has a right to freedom of expression and he is smart enough to stay within the boundaries of Dutch law. Actually, we do not want to stop his movie because we cherish our freedom of expression. Even stupid populist politicians have fundamental rights. Especially they!
We can compete for attention however. And we can produce disinformation. So we are going to make Movies called “Fitna” in which we apologise for Geert Wilders embarrassing behaviour. We will make so many of them that it will be hard to find the movie by Wilders without finding lots of movies apologising for it.
Just to let the world (and ourselves) know that allowing confused people to speak does not mean that we agree with what they say. Sorry.

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