Friday, January 04, 2008

Thank You

We have just launched our new project, called 'Thank You Too'. Its a business-card sized booklet with 30 cards, 5 post cards and a stamp. These cards can be send to a friend or a stranger, left behind anywhere someone might find them. In a book in the library or a bookstore, in a bag of an unknown passenger, in the mailbox of your neighbour.To give some respect, love and happiness to the people around us. To give a smile.

Please visit and spread the word.

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Hans said...

Hi Joachim,

nice project, I like especially the thank-you-website.

But maybe the concept was wrong in the beginning as a personal thank you is so nice because it is said from one person to another (what is of course not always easy to say) and not from an impersonal card to just somebody. If I would find that card in my bag, I really wouldn't care and probably would not understand it as a personal thank you. And why somebody should tell me his thank you for that he (thinks) that I am a walking around beauty ?? ["You are beautiful- Thank you] Maybe to shy to say it loud ?

Another idea would like give it to the beggar near Central station with texts like "Thank you for being poor- so I can turn to my shopping.."

Hugo Verweij said...

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your comment on our project. You are right about the impersonal nature of the cards. For saying 'thank you' face to face you would not need a card like this. What we want to say with these cards is that it's good to be thankful for the things and people around us, and express it. The feeling you get from leaving this card somewhere someone might find it might be more important then actually finding the card. It can make you look at the world around you from the positive side, and think about what the people around you, or even a stranger you meet on the train might mean to you.

Hugo (