Friday, August 03, 2007

Sov så gott

It brought us Swedish meatballs, Billy bookshelves and endless queues on the London North Circular on Saturday afternoons. Now Ikea is going one step further and opening the Ikea Hostel, where customers can stay overnight if they haven't finished their shopping. "There will be the regular dormitory with lots of beds stacked up together. We will also have a bridal suite, with a round bed and a hanging chandelier, and the luxury suite, where customers can enjoy breakfast in bed," he said. Family rooms will also be available for parents and children to join into the Ikea fun.

Read the full article at The Guardian. Via Coudal

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Olof said...

Whoa, you caught me by surprise with that Swedish headline. I know you're dutch, stop frontin! =D Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Me too, the notion of sleeping so well - in Swedish - caught my attention.
Sheets AND a bathrobe, too: what a deal.