Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shake up outdated beliefs

Accelerate discovery. Access knowledge. Access peers. Accumulate knowledge. Act globally. Act locally. Add high quality content. Alert others about vandalism of the environment. Alert others about vandalism on this web site. Analyze information. Analyze policies. Analyze practices. Author articles. Author reports. Build communities of peers. Build upon knowledge of peers. Challenge status quo. Change viewpoints. Collaborate constructively. Compile knowledge. Connect efforts in the world. Consume not social prestige, but earn it. Consume not trivial and pointless products but useful products. Create common good. Create engaging content. Create software and tools collaboratively. Cultivate a collegial work environment. Develop a new culture. Describe web site link. Discuss information. Discuss laws. Discuss projects. Distribute knowledge... is an open for participation platform dedicated to stopping global warming. This first project aims to collect ideas and data about what knowledge, actions, laws, products, construction practices, transportation, software, and inventions we need. We are in a process of developing this web site, and will sort all the entries according to categories and regions.

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