Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am always hungry

I am always hungry for life, for simplicity, for breaking genres, for the ordinary... and the extraordinary, for the "enhanced" experience, for old school sneaks, old school beats, and new school thought, for the remix and the original, for the laughter and the crying (but not over spilt milk), for creating a stir, for writing long run-on sentences (like this one), for details, for getting to work early (and late), for the pungent smell of acetone, for Robert Rauschenberg, Tibor Kalman, and John Heartfield, to not go above and beyond... but further, for gumbo, for an unexpected smile, for a Terry Gilliams film, and the wonderful cinematography of Jean-Paul Jeunet, for handwriten letters, for film noir, for the reviews of janet maslin, for consuming obscene amounts of caffeine, for a place I can call my own, for design. Iamalwayshungry

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