Monday, March 12, 2007


Found at colophon: Kasino A4

"Kasino A4 is a magazine. And it is that in the true sense of the word, it does what every excellent magazine should do: fuses quality photography, insightful writing and strict graphic design into one inspiring package. Kasino A4 is uncompromising cutting edge content twice a year in black & white. All the elements of a great magazine are present: people, thought, vision, style and random fun. It’s a magazine for creatives around the world to read and the only international style magazine in Finland. The people making Kasino A4 believe a magazine is its own art-form that combines writing, photography and graphic design in a unique way. This magazine is a calling for everyone involved in it. Kasino A4 is a pause in the white noise of the overly commercial, gentrified and unified media landscape. The magazine launched with issue #0, a white-covered issue dubbed "the most melancholy magazine". The black-covered issue #1–2 was put together with an overriding theme of aggressive melancholy. Issue #3 revolves around time and desperation, two topics closely linked to each other and too present in the lives of many of Kasino A4’s readers."

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