Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Motherland is a bold visual statement about the nature of contemporary Russia, fifteen years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Photographer Simon Roberts traveled throughout Russia, for a year between July 2004 and August 2005, making pictures in over 200 locations and creating one of the most extensive, comprehensive photographic accounts of this vast country by a Westerner. His images are not cliched representations of a Russia ground down by poverty and despair; rather, he presents a beautiful and awe-inspiring land, with a dignified people empowered by a growing optimism and a deeply rooted sense of national esteem. Intimate and revealing portraits of contemporary Russians show us a diverse people, united by a sense of common identity, while breathtaking landscapes reveal the complexity and uniqueness of the country. With an introduction by Rosamund Bartlett, a prominent cultural commentator, the text for the book features key quotes by literary and political figures that have shaped Russia's modern identity, illuminating the historical ideals of Holy Rus and the concept of 'the Motherland'. The photographs are accompanied by Roberts' informative extended captions.

Motherland will be published in March 2007 by Chris Boot.

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