Monday, February 26, 2007

An emotional, poetic moment

Guild & Greyshkul is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Anna Conway. The six paintings on view depict fragments from unfolding narratives in which ordinary people are suddenly confronted by forces much greater than themselves, either due to circumstances beyond their control or because of an unexpected momentary suspension of disbelief. The paintings are windows onto brief moments of radical experience that take place on the job, while killing time, in transit-wherever we least expect them. A man assigned the task of collecting obsolete aerial antennas from a vast big-box store rooftop loses himself in a contemplative trance. A third-shift janitor tries out a push-up on a junior partner's desk.
A kid sweeping up an outdoor food court has his life jeopardized by a badly-mounted inflatable advertisement. The ambiguity the viewer senses in these narratives derives from our inability to know the internal nature of the subjects' epiphanies. We witness spontaneous disruptions in ordinary days without being privy to the exact nature of either their causes or their effects. Often, these are the quiet moments that change lives, the ones we are tempted to try to express before coming to the slightly embarrassed conclusion that they are indescribable in their simple profundity: -How was work?- -Well, I- it was- not- the usual.-

Anna Conway at Guild & Greyshkul

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